It’s not clean until it’s SQUEAKY KLEEN!

Exhaust Hood Cleaning Service Area

Squeaky-Kleen-Service-Map-SmallSqueaky Kleen provides commercial kitchen exhaust hood cleaning services throughout the entire State of Vermont, the Upper Valley in Central New Hampshire, and in nearby neighboring locations in New York State.

Our Standard  Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning/Exhaust System Service Includes:

  • Draping plastic around the base of your hood(s)
  • Covering appliances to protect the area from the water, grease and debris extracted during the cleaning process
  • Ensuring the flow goes into designated containers and drains
  • Cleaning all filters
  • Cleaning entire exhaust hood
  • Polishing exposed stainless steel in hood interior
  • Cleaning all accessible duct areas from the roof down and from the hood up
  • Opening and cleaning fans inside and out
  • Cleaning the rooftop directly surrounding the fan
  • Rinsing the rooftop to ensure grease removed from the fans is not left on the roof
  • Wiping down auxiliary equipment
  • Mopping floor after hood cleaning
  • Placing certification stickers on newly cleaned hood
  • Providing digital before and after photos (upon request at service time)
  • Providing detailed maintenance inspection reports