It’s not clean until it’s SQUEAKY KLEEN!

Commercial Hood Cleaning FAQs

A Clean Kitchen Sets a High Sanitation Standard for Your Entire Operation

Clean restaurant hoods are as important to the appearance, cleanliness and sanitation of your kitchen as they are to the efficient use of your energy dollars and comfort of your staff. A well-ventilated kitchen effectively removes grease-laden air produced by the cook line, preventing grease from depositing on kitchen surfaces. When properly cleaned, the kitchen exhaust hood will remove grease, smoke and hot air making it more comfortable for your hard-working staff. Below are some typical commercial hood cleaning questions.

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Q: How often should I clean my hood?

A:  We hear this question a lot.  Our customers determine their needs based on a number of factors including cooking volume, insurance company mandates, and state and local requirements.  We have customers on yearly, semi-annual and annual schedules based on their needs.  We are happy to help you determine the schedule that best meets yours .   The National Fire Protection Association which is adopted in many jurisdictions recommends the following frequency for commercial kitchen hood cleaning.

  • Monthly:  If cooking with hardwoods, mesquite, charcoal or other “solid fuels”
  • Quarterly:  For high volume and 24 hour operations, charbroiling or wok cooking
  • Semi-annually:  Moderate volume cooking
  • Annually:  Low volume or seasonal cooking such as churches, day camps or seasonal snack bars.


Q:  I work early in the morning.  Do I have to be there at night to let you in or to lock up when you’re finished?

A:  No.  You certainly can be there if you’d like, but your presence is not necessary.  We can arrange for our trusted technician to pick up a key and to securely lock up your establishment upon completion of cleaning.  We take the utmost care for the security of your keys and property.  We have many customers that arrange keys with us. Under no circumstances will we enter your restaurant without receiving direct confirmation that you are aware we are coming.


Q:  What special accommodations do I need to make to be ready for cleaning?

A:  No special accommodations need to be made for us beyond removing food from the hood area as you normally would when closing up for the day and providing access to a cold water feed.  All cleaning occurs inside a tented area we prepare at the hood—so there is no impact on the surrounding areas outside the hood.


Q:  What if it is too icy to go on the roof?

A:  Safety is our 1st concern as much as it is yours.  If we encounter a situation where it is unsafe to enter the roof due to ice/snow or electrical storms, we will reschedule your cleaning to another day that is convenient for you.


Q:  How long does it take to clean a kitchen exhaust hood?

A:  That depends on the length of the hood and ducts, the amount of build-up in your commercial hood and the frequency of cleaning.  If you are on a proper schedule and are not getting dangerously think grease accumulation, it typically takes 4-5 hours to do a 10 foot hood and duct system.


Q:  Do you replace fan belts if you see they are worn?

A:  Fan belt service is included in your hood cleaning cost and is completed when we access the roof for cleaning. We will inspect the belt, adjust tension if needed, or replace if worn.